The atelier Ravaioli, gallery and workspace,

Nuova Galleria

New atelier of Carlo Ravaioli in Cervia

There is’nt an appropriate term to define  an art gallery that also functions as a pictorial laboratory. Perhaps the term atelier Ravaioli get the idea that this is something more than a simple artist’s studio.

atelier ravaioli

The old Atelier of Carlo Ravaioli

This was my “workspace” in Forlì: a place in which the productive prevalence made it difficult for the vision of the works by creating confusion between what was done and what was “in progress”, making it impossible dimensional visualization in relation to the environment in which they would be placed.

The new gallery / studio in the center of Cervia born as an exhibition space while maintaining a bright corner dedicated to the creation.
Now you can admire the paintings in a comfortable home environment and at the same time capture the unique moments of the processing of a work of art.

il nuovo atelier ravaioli a cervia

New atelier Ravaioli in cervia

Special thanks to the architects of Lithos Group for the care with which they have developed the restructuring of atelier ravaioli.